If you want to generate lead digitally, then you have to have lead capture forms on your website or on its content.

The lead capture form is the main asset of a lead capture page. The aim of this page is to get the information about the visitor by asking them to fill out the form in exchange for a piece of content like PDFs, ebook, etc,.

You must design forms carefully because it has a direct impact on conversion rates, more you design attractive forms more leads will be attracted to your website, your brand and on your offering.

Here are the five most critical components of successful lead-capture forms.

  1. Form’s positioning on the landing page                                                          Visibility of a form is an important approach to keep in mind while designing the form and placing it on the website since you want to draw the visitor’s attention to the form. You should make sure your form is easily findable on the lead capture page. In other words, viewers should not have to scroll down the page manually to see the form.         Along with your form you can place the content offer’s image for an eye-catching reminder of what a user will get in return for his or her basic information.                             
  2. Length of the ‘Form’                                                                                              The next area of concern is the length of the form. How long should be the length of a form is one of the tricky and most asked questions.                                                      A shorter form will encourage people to fill out the form, and it means more people will be willing to fill it out, that means you generate more leads. But you’ll get quality leads when visitors fill out more information about themselves. Therefore, shorter forms usually give you more leads and longer forms will result in fewer but high quality leads.                                                                                                                                If the form is too long, prospects are going to stop in the middle and evaluate whether it is worth to complete all of those fields or not. So you have to make a balance between collecting enough information and not asking too much i.e. quantity with quality.                            
  3. Form fields you use                                                                                               The next question is, what should those form fields be? What should I ask for? You cannot ask the wrong kind of information or too personal questions. You should ask for the information that enables you to both contact and qualify the lead.                       You can start with the fields such as name and email address and then further collect the information as per your need.                                                                              It is important to follow up your newly converted lead so you can put them into your sales funnel to try to convert them into a customer. Like to identify how potential a lead is you can add further fields such as company, website, size of a company, etc. then add a question to check their need of your product and their likelihood to purchase your product.                                                                                                                                
  4. Privacy Policy                                                                                                 Prospect constantly has this concern: security. Most people have this sort of anxiety when asked to provide personal/sensitive information online. You need to assure your visitors that they can trust you with their information. You can follow certain practices to make your visitors trust on you:                                                                                         Link your privacy policy next to the field where you ask visitor’s email.                           Attach a client testimonial                                                                                           Third party security certification                                                                                   Privacy policy above the download button.                                                          Just make sure your website looks credible and encourage your visitors to fill out your form.                                                                                                                         
  5. Submission Button                                                                                                The last but not the least component of your form is the button that leads your visitors to submit the form. The default word for this button is usually “Submit”. But according to a survey, these have a lower conversion rate than those use of other words.            “Click Here” and “Go” is considered as the best button in place of ‘submit’.                                                                                                                                             PlugTalent