Mautic is a very successful  Marketing Automation Platform. It’s more powerful and flexible than Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, etc. And it’s free, you don’t need to shell out 1k-2k dollars to get this.
Although it’s free, but it do require helping hand in setup and getting started with automation.

So here is the quick way to get started :

Mautic Hosting and Setup

Mautic Hosting

Download Mautic from You can install on your web hosting server (Bluehost or Hostgator). One can also try VPS for their dedicated hosting. We ( provide Mautic hosting in just $1/month.

Post hosting one need to setup cron job, SSL, email service, Mautic database and tracking pixel integrations.

Getting Started with Mautic Marketing Automation – Mautic Dashboard

Post setup, we see Mautic Dashboard. Now, you need to add contacts, create marketing assets, create campaigns, and evaluate (reports). We call it PACE Model.

Mautic works on PACE Model.

P ->People

A-> Assets

C-> Campaigns

E-> Evaluate

Step 1 : People (Contacts & Segment tabs)

Action: Import all your contacts from your previous CRM, sheets under Contacts tab. You can also segment your contacts.

All your forms entries, landing page entries are stored in “Contacts”. You can make rules to segment incoming contacts automatically.

Step 2: Assets (Components & Channels tabs)

Action: Under Component tab, create landing pages, forms, a digital file like white papers, docs, eBooks, etc.

Under Channels tab, create your Marketing Messages, drip emails, focus items (pop-ups), and add your Twitter/Facebook account for Social Monitoring.

Once assets are created, we are ready for automation magic.

Step 3: Campaigns

Once you have got your People (Contacts), and have all your Assets in place, you are ready for Campaigns.

Campaigns allow automated interaction with contacts through dripflows based on series of actions and decisions. For example, you can schedule a follow-up email if the contact opens an email already sent to them! Or give the contact 10 points if they click through to a specific landing page.

Action: Create your “Automated Campaign”.  Use “Actions”, “Decisions” and “Conditions” to create an automated workflow.

Step 4: Evaluate (Report tab, Dashboard & Contacts tab)

Action: Build reports, customize Dashboard and check Contacts tab to see what your contacts are doing.


Build detailed reports to know your contact behavior, audience engagement and email results to marketing attribution and pipeline growth.


Keep a real-time pulse on your most important metrics using the graphical dashboard. Choose between the existing, out-of-the-box widgets or create your own customized views.

I have tried to keep things very simple and actionable.

If you still feel that this is more on the technical side and you need assistance, then sign up for our “Mautic Support as a Service” (Unlimited Automation) $49/month only.