Sales Pitch Use By Marketing Automation Agency To Acquire Customer

marketing automation agency's sales pitch

Marketing automation is one of the steaming industries to work on. It has a slow but steady growth rate of adoption that’s why it has a room for a plethora of opportunities and growth.

In such a cut-throat competition, customer acquisition and retention are quite tough and making a strategy to do so are the investment worth making.

Previously getting new business was comparatively easy, strategies were word of mouth, good referrals, presenting unique ideas etc. while these are still important but it takes time to generate new clients.

Not anymore.

Now, clients acquisition is a data-driven approach. Client prefers those companies who have good past records, can increase conversion rate and open rate.

Today pitching new business has to be scientific, clearly planned out and backed by data. Here are few sales pitch related to product features which can be used by marketing automation agency to acquire new customers.

All in one tool: Marketing automation is all in one tool. It’s just not ESP (Email Service Provider) or CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). It is a combination of all the tools which one can use for various marketing tasks. From visitors tracking to lead generation to a conversion of leads into customers, you can do everything from one single software. Not just this you can test your campaigns to see which one is resulting better from another. Marketing on social media, SMS can also be done with marketing automation software.

Automation software saves your time: Automation software saves a lot of your time or you can say 80% of your marketing time. As a name suggest it is an automated system where you don’t need to do everything manually. Things will take place automatically according to rule/condition predefined by you and activity done by visitors like it automatically sends triggered emails based on visitors action.

User and cost friendly: There is a misconception regarding marketing automation software that it is complex system and hard to implement on day to day business work but opposite to misconception it is simple to implement, there is no complexity in it, in fact, it guides you on every stage what to do next based on your just previous activity.

Marketing automation helps you cut cost in a variety of ways. As it is a multi-tasker it alone perform the task of many employees thus lead to a reduction in the cost of employees (hiring cost, training cost, etc). It has many inbuilt tools like a testing tool, CRM, etc which prevent you to invest on buying these tools individually.

As an agency, you gain access to new marketing automation developments and features which lead to benefit the campaigns to your clients and this can be done with a deep understanding of clients’ business and their needs.

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